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BREKKIE BUN | egg, pork belly, aioli, lettuce, tomato $14


VEGGIE FRITTATA | spinach, goat cheese, caramelized onion, mushroom $13


MANITOBA SALAD | delicata squash, beluga lentils, cucumber, feta $14


PICKEREL CHEEK SALAD | olive oil poached, yeast vinaigrette, roe $16


PORCHETTA SANDWICH | salsa verde, herbs, toasted baguette $16


CHEESEBURGER | mustard, aioli, pickle, cheddar $16


PICKEREL BURGER | chili tartar sauce, pickle, cheddar $16


BUFFALO FRIED CHICKEN BURGER | blue cheese ranch, pickles $16

SOUP | curried squash, labneh, cilantro $5/$10


CRISPY FRIED POTATOES | harissa, aioli, chive $6/$12


KALE SALAD | parmesan, pumpkin seeds, toasted yeast vinaigrette $6/$12



CURED MEATS | coppa, speck $9/each


CHEESE | drunken goat, smoked Bleu Bénédictin, delice de bourgogne $9/each

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