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The Two Hands Dining Room is designed to showcase the art of creative collaboration in the kitchen, attempting to dispel the myth of “too many cooks spoil the broth.” The vision is to create an elevated, yet approachable, dining experience for guests through offering a constantly changing menu, determined to incorporate the freshest, local produce while pulling inspiration from a variety of cultures and techniques. We intentionally serve our food in a family-style format, as we believe that great food is meant to be shared.

Two Hands was conceptualized by Chefs Michael Robins and Keegan Misanchuk - formerly of Sous Sol and Segovia, respectively - when they temporarily returned home to Winnipeg from the UK. Reflecting their time in some of London’s best restaurants, they developed a food program to bring the atmosphere and attitude toward food of East London to Winnipeg’s West End. Now, Head Chef Kurt Kolbe leads the team, infusing the menu with his own take.


The Two Hands Dining Room is a dynamic, drink-forward laboratory for pairing, collaborating with Good Neighbour Brewmaster Morgan Wielgosz and our sommelier friends around the city. The wine program is designed to complement the chefs’ approach to cuisine. Authenticity, freshness and flavour drive the wine list. We think organically-grown fruit is best, and that winegrowers who respect their soil and environment make great wines. Anchored in European selections, we aspire to showcase the most interesting wines that hit our market, from natty fizz to textured orange to fresh reds to classic fortifieds.

Out of respect for other guests, please limit your stay with us to 2 hours.

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